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CAPasitee is a cultural architecture practice in search of innovative solutions for a better built environment.  

Edith Wouters was principal of TEEMA architecten for 20 years and works freelance now on different cultural assignments (publications, workshops, inspiration and innovative design, keynotes,...). She is parttime artistic director of AR-TUR, the centre of architecture, the built environment and landscape in the Campine. See CV

CAPasitee bridges the gap between the regular architecture practice and a more cultural approach of architecture, as a continuation of my former practices with TEEMA architecten, and my work for the Flemish Architecture Institute (Vlaams Architectuurinstituut) and AR-TUR.

"From my experience I am convinced that spatial challenges usually profit from a more participative approach to define the most efficient architectural brief, advancing the quality of the built environment. The scope of architects' assignments for complex contemporary challenges is often not the right one, reason why they can't always deliver the best answer to the given question. Through CAPasitee I try to establish a mental shift and influence spatial assignments through the combined use of innovative design and cultural methods like texts, cocreation and interventions. 

It is intended to challenge and inspire through a cycle of research by design, reflection and communication about the challenges which occur during innovative projects.

CAPasitee therefor offers a platform for cocreative, inspirational, reflective and discoursive projects.

I look forward to searching with you for an innovative approach to tackle your challenges."

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